We make hackers compete to find vulnerabilities

Let the best hackers test the security of your product or your company infrastructure.
Make sure that your infrastructure or your product protects your data and your clients data.

What is what we do?

Make sure that all the vulnerabilities and security flaws in your company or product are found.

Zero sum penetration testing

With the zero sum penetration testing, a team of experts compete between themselves to discover vulnerabilities on a product or a more specific part of your infrastructure, and within a determined time window. They are rewarded proportionally based on their findings.

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Bug bounty programs

In a bug bounty program, a huge team of experts work continuously to detect vulnerabilities in the products, applications or infrastructure of the company, and they are rewarded based on the relevance and impact of the discovered vulnerabilities.

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How does it work?

Let us describe you the process.


We capture your interests and define the scope

We talk with you. We clarify what is what you are looking for, what is that worries you the most from the cybersecurity point of view, so you only obtain the results and the information of what you really care about.


Battle starts, observe the results as they happen

We will give you access to the platform where the hackers will be reporting the vulnerabilities. We will chose the hackers that best know about your technologies or your sector, and we start the vulnerability hunting competition.



We deliver the final report that contains all the findings reported by the hackers. This report includes recommendations to mitigate the issues and avoid them in the future.

Why us?

There are multiple reasons. Choose the ones that fit you the most.

We don't sell reports "by weight". Forget about those 60-page documents full of information that you don't care about. If there is an important security flaw, we find it and we explain it to you.

We work with freelance hackers that know what they are doing. All of them with experience hacking for international companies, in bug bounty programs and as professionals in teams of big multinational corporations. Here we offer them more challenges.

You are legitimately interested in knowing if someone can hack your infrastructure or compromise your product and access your client data.

Start the hunt

A service created for companies that really want to know if someone could compromise their infrastructure.

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